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Pricing plans to meet any budget.
Pricing Options
Common Pricing Plan Questions.
NEW  L O W  Pricing
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  • Do we need an account for every person in our organization?
    • You only need accounts for users who will add/edit events.
    • ONLY USERS THAT LOGIN to add or edit data are counted toward the user total.
    • More accounts makes it easier to send email reminders to users, assign access rights and more.
    • You can add unlmited events.
    • You can have up to 1000 categories with your account. (More may be available for special setups.)
    • You can track up tp 100 resources in your account. (More may be available for special setups.)
  • What payment Options are available?
    • Paypal.
    • Payment by check, We also accept PO's.
  • Our organization requires custom reports and special access rights, is that possible?
    • Yes, OurOnlineCalendar.com can be customized to meet many special requirements. Pricing for custom work is on a case by case basis.
Pricing Plans
      Youth Organization Plans
Name # Users Cost / User Monthly Fee MB Space
Youth Group 2 $2.50 $4.99 5 MB
Youth Group 10 15 $0.67 $9.99 10 MB
      NonProfit Organization Plans (Schools)

Designed for schools, clubs, or other non profit organizations.
Name # Users Cost / User Monthly Fee MB Space
Non Profit 1 1 $1.99 $1.99 5 MB
Non Profit 2 2 $3.00 $5.99 5 MB
Non Profit 10 10 $1.00 $9.99 10 MB
Non Profit 20 20 $0.75 $14.99 20 MB
Non Profit 50 50 $0.40 $19.99 50 MB
      Business Plans
Name # Users Cost / User Monthly Fee MB Space
Small Group 5 $1.80 $9.00 10 MB
Single User 1 $2.99 $2.99 5 MB
Basic Group 10 $1.50 $14.99 20 MB
Group 20 20 $1.00 $19.99 75 MB
Group 50 50 $0.50 $24.99 100 MB
Small Business 200 $0.15 $29.99 200 MB
Medium Business 400 $0.25 $99.99 400 MB
Large Business 1000 $0.20 $199.99 1000 MB
      Places of Worship Plans
Name # Users Cost / User
(For 6 or 12 months)
Total Fee MB Space
These plans offer a better discount for Churches / Temples / Cathedrals / etc.. and are priced by 6 Month or 12 Month increments.
Church 6 months 5 $3.60 $18.00 5 MB
Church 12 months 5 $6.20 $31.00 5 MB
Church 2 - 6 Months 10 $3.40 $34.00 10 MB
Church 2 - 12 Months 10 $6.60 $66.00 10 MB
Payments may be made by PayPal, or by invoice when approved.
Shared Dedicated and Dedicated Calendar Application Hosting
With dedicated hosting we manage the hardware, network and facility requirements for your dedicated web calendar application. Custom web applications can be added to the calendar application to build a complete intranet solution for your organization.

Dedicated web calendar hosting allows for large amounts of storage space, thousands of user accounts and even email for your users. Because your company is the only organization using this dedicated server, full integration into your current web site is achievable.

Shared Dedicated

Offers a more affordable solution for large accounts:

  • Pentium 4 2.8GHz or equivalent
  • Storage options from 500MB
  • Tape Backup Included
Prices from $50 / mo per group calendar
Storage Cost Per Month
500MB $50
1GB $79
2GB $120
4GB $220
All shared dedicated hosting includes your own domain name, pending name availability.
If you require a SSL connection setup is $189.
With no SSL connection setup is $39.
Includes custom domain setup / and virtually unlimited calendar user logins & editors.

Great for:
Extranets, secure access and private label calendar solutions.
Contact us for more details
703.501.0300 For more information on our 100% dedicated servers click here.

FREE trial accounts have limited space.
After creating your account, you must choose a plan within 15 days to access all of your allotted disk space.

FREE* Accounts
No payment is required to setup a trial account. After the 15 day trial period you can make a payment to keep your account active. If you decide to stop using the calendar when the trial period is over you will owe nothing. After your trial period is over and before making a payment you may also change plans if needed.
A limited number of FREE trial accounts may be provided monthly, depending on space. FREE accounts are for first time users, for limited time, and only have 4 MB of storage.
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